Around New York in 80 Days - Student Text Sample

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Vocabulary: Build vocabulary on a weekly basis.

All the lessons on the left-hand side are designed to be brief. Enough information is given to cover the subject.

Days: Each lesson can be accomplished in 2 days. (The first day should be used to give an overview of the lesson. On the second day use the More Details part of the lesson to add more information.)

More Detail: All the lessons on the right-hand side are designed to give more information.


Books for Parents: Although not necessary, extra resources enhance one's study of any material. (This is by no means an exhaustive list.)

Video and Audio Tapes: The video and audio tapes cited are available in circulation.

Review Questions: Question your students after you have completed the week's lesson. Book Resources for Children: If you want to add more information, check out library books during the week.

Field Trips: No state history is complete without field trips.

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